2020 | Website for Logoabi

Webflow project for Logoabi

How can a website draw more clients to your business?


UI / UX / CMS / Illustrations / development


Webflow / Figma / Illustrator / Photoshop

landing page


Logoabi is in the promotional gifts market and wants to increase its online sales by making the website more user-friendly and easier to find in search engines. Also, later on, it is important for the business to make changes to the website to keep it up to date with new products.


• Clear hero section that represents the business well - the old website had too much text that drew attention away from the important information.

• Evident call to action (CTA) that will invert to sales.

• Easy to follow information hierarchy - the old website had too many different tabs and was unorganized.

• Content management system - CMS.

• User friendly flow and optimized for SEO.

• Mobile responsive.


• I used simple illustration graphics that describe the business and its products clearly. The color scheme had to go together with their brand and show calmness. The background illustrations depict coloring.

• For the CTA we used "Contact us" as most of the sales are coming through email.

• For the information hierarchy, I divided the page into clear sections - Products, Services, Catalogues, About and FAQ.

• The website was developed in Webflow. This platform gives the client easy tools to manage CMS content.

• For SEO optimization, I made sure that every page can be reached with a maximum of 3 clicks from the homepage, and the most important pages on the website are interlinked.

• Lastly, I added smooth animations to the page to enhance the user experience and overall quality of the website.

middle layer


A responsive mobile-friendly website gives the clients visiting the page a proper experience and will encourage them the see the business as a credible solution for their problems.

middle layer


The CMS system was developed on Webflow which gives the client easy tools to update their inventory with new products.

To update their page with new products the client has to upload a simple 5 column .csv file with the product information. Everything else is done automatically.

landing page
landing page


Clear Call to Action and information hierarchy.

landing page